Pur 7 CBD
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the most efficient, fastest acting cbd on the market.

85% bioavailable and 15 minute onset-of-action


Not all cannabis is created equal


Male plants = Hemp  |  Female plants = Marijuana



Male Plant – Hemp

High in Phytocannabinoids (CBD)

Low in THC

Hemp derived CBD oil and Hemp products
are sold in all 50 states and on Amazon



Female Plant – Marijuana

High in THC: Psychoactive Drug

Low in CBD

Marijuana Products and CBD oil derived
from Marijuana are only legal in states that
have legalized Marijuana


our mission

to get this into as many hands as can benefit from the most
exciting thing since asprin.

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pur 7 hemp cbd oil comes in 2 great flavors

Hemp oil doesn't exactly have the flavor of a good olive oil.
In fact, it's been described as down right nasty, but because Pur 7 has been solubilized using Purzorb™ technology it is available in 2 great flavors.

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Resembling something of a slight kick without the heat.

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wild berry

Sweet like your favorite berry medley.